Hello world! I am back from the yearly conference of National Assoc. of Bankruptcy Attys (NACBA)

Well, I made it back from San Antonio Texas attending the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) conference.  As always it is great to catch up with practitioners and bankruptcy vendors from all over the country.

Picked up some tips on issues pertaining to credit reporting utilizing federal litigation in bankruptcy courts against banks and lenders in all areas related to bankruptcy such as Fair Debt Collection Practices (FDCPA); Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA); Mortgage litigation and Real Estate Procedures Act (RESPA); and Truth in Lending (TILA) cases.  Phew that is a lot of acronyms.  I include those, not to appear smart, but to help people reading this blog looking for help on their credit reporting issues who may run across these acronyms in their research.  At some level these issues are are all related.

My goal with this blog, is to write helpful easy to ready information about the sometime confusing world of credit reporting.  This is for both consumers/debtors and for anyone interested in credit reporting specific to bankruptcy.  My focus will remain narrow in that it will focus in credit reporting relating to debtor’s in bankruptcy only.  This is what my product and company RocketDog Reports is all about in fact.  I have run this company assisting debtors for approximately five years, but I am just now able to reach out through this blog to add information on the subject.

For those new to me, my company, or my blog, RocketDog Reports goal is to bridge between a debtor’s bankruptcy petition and his/her credit reports to update them for truth and accuracy.

I wanted this post to serve as an introduction and a welcome.  So welcome to my blog, I look forward to writing many more posts and feel free to leave a comment.

Raef J. Granger, Esq. and CEO